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NEW DELHI/NOIDA: Local authorities arrested three individuals, one of whom is a woman, in connection with the homicide of a 57-year-old construction contractor within his residence on Tuesday, as reported by Noida Police.

According to the police, the deceased individual had been involved in an extramarital relationship with the wife of the primary suspect, who had formerly been a close friend of the victim until two years ago.

As per the police statement, Shashi Sharma’s lifeless body was discovered within his rented residence at Janta Flats in Sector 40 on Monday morning.
The presence of injury marks around his neck has raised suspicions of foul play and a potential case of murder.
PTI quoted DCP (Noida) Harishchandra as reporting that three individuals, namely Bharat Chauhan, his spouse Seema Devi, and Raja Tiwari, have been apprehended in connection with the alleged murder.
The arrests were made by a team under the leadership of ACP Rajneesh Verma.
“During investigation it came to light that Bharat and Sharma had come in contact in 2021, and both started living in the same neighborhood. However, after sometime the same year, Bharat once found Sharma and his wife in an objectionable condition at his house. Later, he relocated to another house,” police told reporters.
The officer stated, “Bharat recently discovered that his wife had maintained contact with Sharma. Following this revelation, he confronted his wife, who offered her apologies for her actions.”
In the meantime, Bharat had opened a tea shop and got acquainted with Tiwari, who is a student at a private university in Noida.
Tiwari became a regular customer at Bharat’s stall, and their friendship developed over time.
According to the police, Bharat devised a plan for vengeance against Sharma, and the other accused individuals subsequently became involved in the plot.
On Sunday, the three of them arrived at Sharma’s residence, and while discussing the matter, a heated argument ensued.
Reportedly, Sharma allegedly slapped Seema during the altercation, leading the trio to collaborate in slitting his throat, according to the police.
The police added that all three accused were presented in a local court on Tuesday, and they were subsequently remanded to judicial custody.
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