Customs officers at Coimbatore airport seize exotic species smuggled from Singapore | Coimbatore News – Times of India


COIMBATORE: Customs officers at Coimbatore International Airport seized exotic species smuggled for illegal pet trade.
Three bags were not claimed by passengers who arrived at the Coimbatore international airport from Singapore in a Scoot Airlines on Tuesday morning (November 7).
The bags were found on the conveyor belts at the airport. The airline staff took the luggage into their custody.
They informed the customs officers who scanned the luggage and came to know that there were exotic animals.
They opened the three luggage and found exotic species of tarantulas, albino red eared slider, red-eared slider, African spurred tortoise, and royal pythons.
The airline staff contacted three passengers over the phone and asked them to claim their luggage.
Two passengers named Dominic and Ramasamy of Chennai visited the airport to receive the luggage. They were secured by the customs officers for questioning. Preliminary inquiry revealed that three passengers smuggled the exotic species from Singapore to Tamil Nadu for illegal pet trade.
The customs officers informed forest department officials who also visited the airport and checked the animals.
The customs officers were planning to send the animals back to Singapore.


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