Google updates its fact checking tools on International Fact-Checking Day

Google is marking International Fact-Checking Day with expanded features to help Canadians understand what they’re viewing online.

‘About this image,’ a tool that lets users see additional context of an image, like history and metadata, is now available in 40 additional languages. Google initially launched the tool in English last year.

The expanded languages also apply to ‘about this page,’ a tool that gives users more information about a website before they visit it. Users can click on the three dots next to a website under the search results to utilize the feature.

Journalists and fact-checkers can now also use Fact Check Explorer to examine if an image has been previously fact-checked, a tool that was previously in beta. Google launched Fact Check Explorer last year, allowing users to find fact-checks from independent organizations across the globe.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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