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RAJKOT: A crime with all trappings of an estranged relationship, love affair aided by social media, and sinister plot to eliminate the husband was unraveled in Porbandar on Wednesday with the cold-blooded murder of a 35-year-old man.
Early in the morning, 65-year-old Jesa Odedara found the body of his son Raju in a pool of blood at the latter’s house.He immediately approached the Kamlabaug police naming his wife Krupali and her paramour Nitesh Vekariya (23) as suspects.
After the day-long investigation, police arrested Vekariya and Krupali’s brother Vishal Samani (23) who had come down to Porbandar from Rajkot with the plan to kill Odedara.
According to details of the case, Odedara was married to a woman named Nita 15 years ago. However, they settled for a mutual divorce two years after marriage. About eight years ago, Odedara and Krupali fell in love and got married. They have a seven-year-old daughter from the marriage.
About a year ago, Krupali, who was active on Instagram met Vekariya and fell in love with him. The affair turned serious as she severed the eight-year relationship with Odedara and went to live with Vekariya in Rajkot where he works as a driver.
Odedara, who was deeply in love with Krupali, convinced her to return home and tried to normalize their relationship.
Some two months ago she returned to his house in Porbandar. However, after living for barely a fortnight, she left the house again and went back to Vekariya. Odedara, however, did not give up his efforts to bring her back.
Meanwhile, Vekariya and Samani decided to eliminate Odedara. “Surprisingly, Samani was supporting his sister. He and Vekariya reached Porbandar on Tuesday night and bludgeoned Odedara in his house with some blunt object,” said deputy superintendent of police, Porbandar Rutu Raba.
Samani works at a petrol pump in Rajkot.
Odedara’s murder came to light when the milkman knocked on the door but no one responded. He informed Odedara’s father Jesa who jumped the wall of the verandah and broke into the house only to find his son lying in a pool of blood.

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