Video: No-frills tiny house comes in larger size, still costs under $30k

Dragon Tiny Homes recently revealed its no-frills Element, which costs just US$23,500. The firm now has a new version up for sale which also doesn’t break the bank but is significantly more spacious inside, making it more suitable for use as a full-time home.

The Element 20 is based on a double-axle trailer, and, like its predecessor, is finished in engineered wood. The original model has a length of 16 ft (4.88 m), while this larger version reaches 20 ft (6 m), putting it in line with typical European tiny houses like those from Baluchon. It’s obviously still very small and would only suit people who are passionate about downsizing, or perhaps for use as a cabin or weekender, but the few extra feet make a big difference inside.

The interior measures 160 sq ft (almost 15 sq m) and is clad in unfinished plywood. It has a new layout that places the kitchen directly next to the entrance. This has the benefit of providing a much larger area for the living room, which is pictured empty but has space for a sofa and some storage space.

The Element 20's interior is clad in unfinished plywood
The Element 20’s interior is clad in unfinished plywood

Dragon Tiny Homes

Elsewhere on the ground floor is a small bathroom with a shower and standard flushing toilet, though a composting toilet is available as an optional upgrade for those who want to live off-the-grid.

The Element 20 has just one bedroom, which is a standard loft-style tiny house bedroom with a low ceiling. It’s reached by a ladder and has enough room up there for a double bed.

The Element 20 starts at $28,500, but Dragon Tiny Homes will upgrade the finish and add furniture at additional cost. Check out the video tour below to see more.

Budget Friendly 160sqft Tiny House | Dragon Tiny Homes

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